Engaged Futures



Tereza Ruller – The Rodina 27-02-2020

Thursdays 18.00 Lecture Theatre A


On Performative Design

How to make freedom and playfulness, traditionally granted to artists, accessible to a wider audience? And, how to design situations or objects that stimulate activity and participation, that could lead to a transformation in a viewer or a social context? During this talk, Amsterdam-based designer Tereza Ruller (studio The Rodina) tries to answer these questions. Ruller steps out of separated media constraints by identifying performative components in graphic design processes and results. With examples of her recent projects she proposes the term “performative design” for a practice that incorporates playfulness, bodies, action, eventness (understanding this as a unique time and space) and graphic design. And offers performance as an alternative mode of production of value.



Tereza Ruller is an Amsterdam-based independent designer and co-founder of The Rodina, a graphic design studio. She experiments with intermedia art strategies in the field of graphic design and investigates theoretical frameworks around bodies, labor, surface, and action. Her studio invents ways in which experience, knowledge, and relations are produced and preserved. The Rodina works primarily serves cultural clients such as Harvard GSD (USA), Sonic Acts Foundation (NL), and Hyundai Card Library Soul (KR). Tereza is an educator at Design Academy Eindhoven. She exhibits and gives lectures internationally, including CalArts (USA), Cooper Union (USA) a ZHDK (CH).