Aram Lee 11-02-2019


The Sequence of Transformation

How can we break the frozen patterns that circulate our reality and archived data within museums and institutions? Can we think of the archive in other ways – as collective memories or current reactions and can this create new ways to understand the production of reality? Instead of alienation, accumulation, isolation, and passive obedience, the function of the mass of the archive is breaking, distributing, reactivating, reversing, uncovering (power), mediating (the archive’s context by working together), and imagining (the real).



Aram Lee (KR_NL) focuses on the reinterpretation and repurposing of matter found within institutions. By reconnecting the broken sequences of an object with critical research, Lee extends the timeline of static things. This approach sees her use film and installations to reshape the complex trajectories of objects. Lee was nominated for the Gijs Bakker award in 2017, and received award from the German Design Council in 2018. She exhibited her collective project ‘Inside Out’ in Forecast at Haus der Kulturen Welt, Berlin, where she is working a her new project for The New Alphabet in 2019. Lee is currently artist in residence at Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.