Reema Patel 14-01-2019


How does narrative & metaphor influence shape society and economics?
This talk explores the effects of narratives on uncertain economic and social futures, and explores narratives are used in their most powerful ways to enable human advancement and progress. Narratives enable experts to familiarise themselves with new concepts through the use of existing and familiar images, as well as to communicate complex issues to non-expert audiences – the development of fields of knowledge such as genetics and Einstein’s theory of relativity owe much to the use of metaphor and narrative. They aid us to navigate conditions of radical uncertainty – a permanent feature of modern capitalism, with politics providing unpredictable challenge to markets. In conditions of uncertainty, we often supplement rational calculation with narratives. This session explores the impact narratives and metaphor have, and what we can learn from these insights.



Reema is a programme manager at the Nuffield Foundation, and is working to establish the Ada Lovelace Institute, an organisation aiming to ensure that data & AI work for people and society. She is an experienced policy professional who has led various citizen engagement and participation initiatives on complex and controversial policy areas in the UK, including the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Citizens’ Economic Council, which successfully worked with and influenced the Bank of England’s public engagement strategy. Reema has consulted for a variety of international organisations, including the Danish Board of Technology Foundation and Nextdoor.com, San Francisco based technology social media start-up. She is a fellow of the RSA, advisory board member of Rethinking Economics and founding trustee of a community run library.