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Charlotte Webb 13-06-2018


Designing the/a Feminist Internet

Feminist Internet began in summer 2017 as an educational experiment where 16 UAL students came together for 10 days to do two things: collectively write a Feminist Internet Manifesto, and prototype creative responses to the problem of gender inequality and the internet. Since then our work has gained significant momentum and public engagement around the world. As we evolve, we are faced with the challenge of how to design Feminist Internet as an organisation, an alternative techno-social object, and an alternative form of political imaginary. 

This session will take you on a roving journey asking how we might (re)design capitalist desire, nipple representation, gendered AIs, and the Feminist Internet itself. After the presentation, there will be an open discussion with Feminist Internet member Sabrina Faramarzi.



Dr. Charlotte Webb is ‘Chief Leopard’ of Feminist Internet, a global movement addressing gender equality and the internet. She is an educator, speaker and researcher committed to advancing the rights of women and other marginalised groups. She works as Digital Learning coordinator at University of the Arts London, exploring students expectations and uses of digital in their creative practices. Her PhD, ‘Noodle, Noodle, Cat: Extra-Subjective Agency in Web-based Art practice’ explored the complexities of artistic authorship under the production conditions of the web. Feminist Internet is supported by UAL Futures and Careers and Employability at UAL.

Sabrina Faramarzi is a trend forecaster, futures researcher and culture journalist. When she’s not uncovering patterns across socio-cultural phenomena, she can be found at the latest electronic music night, swimming marathon lengths at her local pool, talking feminism, or worshipping cats on the internet.