Practicing Platforms



Oliver Smith 16-05-2018



How low can you go?

In designing new practices within, across and, perhaps even for, platforms, at what level can or should we operate? How many black boxes should we open? How low do we need to go? This talk will consider whether, in order to challenge hegemonic platforms, we need to reach for their low-level source code, or perhaps, with platforms building upon platforms, that’s an increasingly unattainable ideal.



Oliver Smith is a London based artist and researcher, his work investigates large-scale systems, processes and computation, the undisclosed intentions behind them, and their techno-political impact. These investigations manifest as interventions, performances and installations which aim to corrupt, constrain, or collaborate with these systems.

Oliver is a member of the Demystification Committee, a collaborative framework for art and research, currently focused on the toxic relationship between sovereignty and capital; and the friction between communication networks and power infrastructure. Oliver is lecturer in Critical Digital Design and Image Making at the London College of Communication.