Tobias Revell 31-05-2017


What’s It Doing?

Tobias Revell’s current work addresses human strategies for rhetoric with the machine world; the way we create and recycle metaphors from pop culture and the occult to make sense of black boxed and illegible technologies. As machines become more autonomous and intelligent, their impressions of reality are beginning to reshape it and we are struggling to cognitively bridge this gap. This lecture will give a brief overview of cultural strategies, contemporary approaches and rationale as well as potential futures.



Tobias Revell is an artist and designer from London. He’s Course Director for Information and Interface Design and tutor in Interaction Design Arts and a founding member of research consultancy Strange Telemetry. He is one half of Haunted Machines, a research and curatorial project curating this Impakt festival 2017 in Utrecht, NL. He is undertaking a PhD in the Design Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. He lectures and exhibits internationally, and has recently appeared at Science Gallery, STUK, STRP, Fiber festival, Improving Reality, FutureEverything, Web Directions Sydney, Transmediale and Lift. He is a PhD candidate in design at Goldsmiths.