Sinead Evans 26-04-2017


Design Practice is a Terraforming Tool: how critical discussion can shape the what, why and how we make.

Not seeing anything intelligible is the new normal

Hito Steyerl, 2016.

We are teetering on the precipice of apocalypse – or so it seems when scanning the headlines every morning. There is a fractured chasm between us and the few people in the world who hold economic, environmental and political power – and yet the wealth of images narrating global events push our faces up against the glass of the screen and we have never felt closer.

How do we build an approach to practice in what feels to be an ever precarious global situation?

First looking at the discipline of illustration and finding it wanting, this talk will discuss the political motivations for the production of Limner Journal. Sinead will then present her own research projects exploring the visual vocabulary of the Anthropocene, our changing relationship to nature and the importance of critical reinterpretation of local landscape in pursuit of ecological citizenship.



Sinead Evans is a maker, writer and lecturer.

One sixth of the Limner Journal collaborative editorial team, working together to commission and contribute to the publication. Limner Journal aims to promote interesting and intelligent illustration and initiate a discourse into wider issues related to the industry, education and social impact (or lack there of). Providing an ever-changing print space for the dissemination of essays, interviews, dissertations, treatise, manifestos, critiques, calls to arms, narrative series, visual essays and most of all great illustration.

Through making, reading and writing, Sinead’s own work explores the significance of materiality within the wider context of expanded illustration practice and the global ecological context of the Anthropocene. Currently, she is achieving this through the format of the visual essay, primarily film and illustrated lectures.

Lecturing in Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts and Visiting Lecturer in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, Sinead has previously taught at Camberwell College of Art and Kingston University.